The Polarity was formed by Taylor Hearne in Fort Worth, TX in 2014. After experimenting with many different bands in the Dallas area, Taylor took matters into his own hands. Obtaining the name from the scientific term, Taylor wanted to experiment with a different style than he had done before.

After configuring all of the instrumentation on his own, Taylor called his friend Preston White to lay down the drumming. In December of 2014 The Polarity debuted their first EP, When It’s Over. After playing shows and trying to search for the right sound, The Polarity went back into the studio and debuted their first full length album Drowning in November of 2015.

Taylor worked with producers Ben and Caleb Barnett on The Polarity’s second full length album, Hurts So Good, at The Hang Studios in Fort Worth, TX. Together they brought new life and revitalized The Polarity’s sound.

The Polarity has been influenced heavily by the sounds and presentation of From Indian Lakes, a Triple Crown Records artist, and has mentioned their influence in their writing. Hurts So Good released on May 12, 2017.